Caine’s Arcade

If you haven’t already watched this short documentary about the creator of a cardboard arcade, please do.   It’s inspiring on many levels.  From the perspective of someone who teaches digital media, it’s such a well-crafted piece.  I showed both my English classes and my UDS class the film, and we can only hope to someday find and produce stories half as good.

Most public schools do little to foster creativity and innovation.  I truly wonder where Caine received his spark of inspiration.  One of my students, a soccer player and immigrant from Kenya, told me he felt bad after watching such a determined and accomplished third grader.  We’ve got to create space in schools for students to pursue their passions, but in the age of college and career readiness, it’s not part of the game.  Teaching creativity is subjective and messy, but there are things we can do as educators to foster the skills and inquiry that lead young people to such wonderful pursuits.

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