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Should We Teach “Other People’s Kids” Differently?

Originally posted on Christopher Lehman:
This post is the second of two in response to CNN’s “Inside Man,” my first was posted yesterday. I decided to make this one separate because while the reflection was sparked from a few scenes in that program it goes beyond that one hour and that one particular school. In this Inside Man episode, Morgan Spurlock visited a school in Finland where he took a stab at teaching a class, then as a comparison visited a charter school in New York City and retaught the…

Nothing Compares to Being a First-Year Teacher

“A student urinated on my floor when I was out in the hallway.  On a day I was absent, students jettisoned textbooks and graded papers out my second-story classroom window.  A computer monitor was smashed on my floor after a rage-filled overhead toss.  I witnessed a basketball player punch another student in the face before school, stay in class all day, and then suit up for the afternoon’s game.  No consequences.” When I reread the following essay I wrote over eight years ago about my first-year teaching in 2004-2005, I’m… Read more Nothing Compares to Being a First-Year Teacher