CTQ–Bluegrass Dispatches

Since September 2013, I’ve been blogging for CTQ (Center for Teaching Quality) with my Bluegrass Dispatches blog.  The posts will be mainly focused on Common Core Standards and School Reform/Redesign.  If you’re an educator or interested in current issues and debates in education, it’s a great organization that highlights teacher leadership and voices.

Maintaining Instructional Balance During the Test Prep Superbowl (1/13/14)

Seeking Real Innovation In School Design (12/9/13)

Localized Debate: When and How Do You Engage? (12/3/13)

What Most People Mean When They Talk ABout “Good” Schools (11/26/13)

Which Words Have Impacted You as a Teacher and Learner? (11/6/13)

Why We Need New Ways of Talking About School (10/30/13)

Don’t Implement One-to-One Devices in the Classroom Unless… (10/13/13)

Can Students Provide Worthwhile Feedback for School Reform? (9/25/13)

Embracing Digital Possibilities Within The Common Core (9/10/13)

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