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Mission Impossible?: Fitting the Techno-Social Landscape of Our Lives into Neat Little Boxes

Originally posted on Psyche's Circuitry:
What can science really tell us about the complex roles of social media, technology, and computer-mediated communication in our social lives? It’s a question I’ve been increasingly asking myself.  As a scientist, my job is to deconstruct very complex phenomena into understandable components, put things in neat, little, over-simplified boxes so that we can actually begin to understand something in systematic, replicable ways. Don’t get me wrong. I love science and think the tools of science are still the best we have available to…

How much detail is simply too much?

Originally posted on Broadside:
Writer’s Block 1 (Photo credit: OkayCityNate). How much — REALLY? — do we need to know? Everyone who writes a blog, unless it’s focused on a specific subject, shares details of their life, past and present: their kids, their partner, their dating life, their work, their school experiences… How much is too much? Readers here have learned that: — I need to lose a pile of weight and how tedious this is — I’ve had four orthopedic surgeries since 2000, including a hip replacement in February…