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Category: Room 137

Students Create 100%.

Have you used Prezi?  Or Wordle?  How about Xtranormal?  Somebody recently posted the Wordle below about their affinity for cell phones.  It looks cool, I’ll admit that.  But are these the types of technology applications that are truly useful, and worth employing in classrooms? I’ve personally tested out these Web 2.0 programs, and I’ve also attempted to use them in room 137.  While they can be used to create products that are pleasing to the eye, or perhaps engage students, the level of thinking that’s required is debatable.  Plus, as… Read more Students Create 100%.

Caine’s Arcade

If you haven’t already watched this short documentary about the creator of a cardboard arcade, please do.   It’s inspiring on many levels.  From the perspective of someone who teaches digital media, it’s such a well-crafted piece.  I showed both my English classes and my UDS class the film, and we can only hope to someday find and produce stories half as good. Most public schools do little to foster creativity and innovation.  I truly wonder where Caine received his spark of inspiration.  One of my students, a soccer player and… Read more Caine’s Arcade

That’s What I’m Talkin’ Bout!

When he “raises” his voice, it is inaudible.  His voice couldn’t even be classified as a whisper–we can usually understand a whisper if we move close enough to the speaker.  Yet he has a pleasant demeanor, as do most of the mentally disabled students in my digital storytelling course.  His eyes light up when he greets me at the door with a fist bump.  He then shuffles to retrieve his notebook and folder, and I’ll inevitably  go 70 minutes without hearing him utter a single word.  Could you speak louder? … Read more That’s What I’m Talkin’ Bout!