Spreading the Good Will

Thanks for Crosslenz and unsatiatedexpecations for two blog award nominations!  One of the great things about blogging through WordPress is the vast community of supportive readers, writers, and thinkers.   







Here are a few blogs I’ve enjoyed of late and give kudos to for challenging me to think, write, and eat better:)

Analyfe:–Probably the most thoughtful, talented, and prolific young blogger I’ve come across, Erin provides personal and relevant insight into the challenges of being a recent college grad, making life choices, and pondering big questions.

Creative Noshing–Always unpretentious, always delicious, and also consistently fine recipe posts.  I can’t wait to try the homemade spicy “Cheez-Its” type crackers.

daily gadfly–I mistakenly forgot to follow Hugh’s blog a while back, but now it’s one of my “go-to” reads on a variety of topics.

Maketheworldworkbetter–The author does an outstanding job of analyzing systems and world events.

Newsofthetimes–Jennifer adds insight, and she successfully invites and moderates comments on a smorgasboard of noteworty issues.

Pysche’s Circuitry–The topics are close to my heart and mind as a digital media teacher.  Professor Tracy Dennis deftly explores the cultural, emotional, and social impact of new technologies.

I’m at the end of a Low-Country Georgia and South Carolina vacation and look forward to creating some more material for the Stew.  Happy blogging.


  1. Thanks so much. The community of bloggers is remarkable. I had no idea there were so many people “out there” who has such interesting and thought-provoking things to say. Many thanks for the shout!

  2. Congratulations on the nomination! I agree, the best part of blogging is definitely the community, new ideas, and simply feeling understood. Thank you so much for the nomination. I’m honored. Keep blogging! 🙂

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