Seeking a Blogging Rhytmn

Starting this blog has been rejuvenating in many ways, but I’m also vigilant about my amount of screen time.  At first, I told myself I’d try to post every other day, but I haven’t reached that goal.  It takes me 60-90 minutes to compose a decent entry and, while I enjoy the process, I think that’s a bit much considering my other interests.  I haven’t yet found my blogging rhythm.

I’m honored that News of the Times nominated me for the Sunshine Award, which is a nice tool for bloggers to recognize each other’s efforts, build a following, and discover new reads. 

Jennifer’s News of the Times consistently delivers thoughtful commentary on a range of pertinent issues, and she does a great job inviting readers to comment with a series of questions at the end of her posts.  I particularly liked her recent post about Facebook and its business model.

I promise, I will fulfill the suggested protocol for the award, which is linking to other inspiring blogs to spread the love.  But for now, I haven’t spent enough time unearthing other blogs. As a new blogger, I’m still figuring out what types of writers/topics/posts I want to invest my time in.

So I decided to unfollow about 10 blogs today.  Not because they are unworthy of my attention, but because I don’t want to sift through so many posts in my reader.    When I see 50 new posts in my reader, this is too much for me to process.

It’s the same reason I only have 12 friends on Facebook, and generally use it only to administer a page for Middlebury College’s Bread Loaf School of English.

I want to place self-imposed limits on the amount of information and ideas I sift through.  I want the information I process to be worthwhile.  I want to spend time working on writing for other publications, like this essay I wrote for Education Week Teacher.

Like many of my posts on multitasking, seeking balance with technology and other aspects of life, I’m finding that I’m living these questions right now after starting Mindful Stew.

What are your blogging habits?  How much time do you invest a day?  Does it feel like a chore to scan the blogs you follow?  In general, why do you blog?


  1. You know a really good webinar would be to help teachers learn to manage all of this. I was introduced to your blog from EdWeek but found this post hit how I was feeling today. I find all these good bloggers…and don’t know who to spend my time with until AFTER I’ve already spent too much time! lol ugh…

  2. One other idea I had was to spread your and Hugh and other’s great work by reblogging sometimes. I will likely do that this week since I have a big conference that will be taking up a lot of my time. That way, I spread your wisdom and get a brain break…;-) Thanks for sparking a great conversation….

  3. I like the photo idea.
    I think part of the excitement for new bloggers is the sudden rush of potentially engaging dialogue, commenting, and idea sharing that comes with the territory. It’s fun to see that other people have something to say about your words, or have “liked” a post.

  4. Keep up the great work yourself!
    The Education Week Teacher piece has been generating massive debate and discussion, which is exciting. Although some people are taking me to task for a misleading title…it wasn’t me, it was the editor:)

  5. I’ve actually found that the adding a photo day into the mix gives me a bit of a break. I am so new that I am currently on a roll, but can see how this could get out of hand quickly. Good for you for setting boundaries. I’m sure I’ll do that eventually…thanks again for the mention!

  6. We’ve shared a similar experience. I’m going to cut down my own entries to twice a week, I think, and I’m also trying to choose 15-20 blogs (tops) to follow for a few months before revising the list if necessary! It’s so easy to click “follow” and then have too much to read.

  7. Kate,
    I appreciate your comments!
    I’m getting married soon and, someday, I hope to have kids of my own. I know kids are a game-changer so if I want to dedicate hours to writing as hobby/leisure, then now’s the time. Balance is a theme that keeps coming back in my posts, and also from commenters. .
    Let me know when you have time to write a new post!

  8. Oh gosh this is definitely a relevant topic. When I first started blogging, I thought it was just going to be a minor project. It turned into a much more time consuming exercise than I ever could have imagined. It takes me a long time to get a coherent post together; I need at least a couple of hours a day, and then there’s the reading of other blogs and commenting. I’m actually enjoy the reading part; I’ve gotten a lot of unique ideas and perspectives from other people that have helped shaped my own entries.

    I’m still working to achieve a better balance with respect to the time commitment, but I’m enjoying the overall process thus far.

  9. I love it! I am glad that you felt honored and I am glad that you honored yourself in your response. No need to follow the rules, just wanted to let you know that I love your blog! And I hope folks will read your article in the Education Week Teacher because I thought it was great! Keep up the great work and keep down the screen time!!! 🙂 Thanks for the kind words about my work.

  10. Paul,
    I just discovered your blog and have to say that what you write really resonates with me and I thoroughly enjoy reading your entries! You have a beautiful blog! Congratulations on your Sunshine Award!!
    I am a mom of 3 boys, so I don’t blog nearly as often as I’d like to….Right now, I’m trying for twice a month and am happy if I get there.
    It doesn’t feel like a chore to scan the blogs I follow, but only devote about 2 hrs. / month to that effort and it’s part of my downtime/leisure/reading time. I could spend many more hours reading, but I have to cut myself off! 🙂 I am always trying to balance my desire to read and connect with my desire to live my life. As with anything, it can be tough to strike this balance.
    I mostly blog to express my feelings and try to make others aware of issues and think about things that they might not have thought of or share common interests. It’s nice to connect with people in different parts of the country and world who are thinking about the same things that I am!
    Thanks for the questions and for involving your reader in the process! It reminds me that I used to include a question at the end of many of my blog entries and I really like that feeling of interaction.
    Best wishes with your blogging!

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