w/o my phone or internet, I’d die.

 If all of a sudden cell phones or internet access disappeared, what would you do?

Several of my musings have explored possible effects too much digital communication is having on students.  But are they really as tethered to their gadgets as we think?  I got the following responses to the question above during a casual, non-scientific poll with one of my English classes today.  I have showed this blog to them, and they were eager to anonymously give feedback.  Here’s what they said:

I wouldn’t care really b/c all my friends live around me and so does my boyfriend. We all hang out almost everyday without using a phone.  w/o my phone or internet, I’d die.  I would probably write and draw a lot.  And spend less time @ home. Walk in circles for hours, and then go to sleep or read. Stop being as lazy as I am now.  I am a writer, so I would continue writing my book.  I could draw, or even go outside and do stuff.  I wouldn’t be worthless or have the feeling or distress, but it would be a little bit devastating.  If I didn’t have a cell phone I would feel lost, confused, and disconnected from the world.  Without any internet or phone…most likely i would be sleeping ALL the time.  I’d continue to pretend like the internet wasn’t an option and play soccer like I always so.  I would get more work done.

Some students clearly had very strong reactions, as would many adults.  What fascinates me is how many people–both young and old–have so much or their work, leisure, and other time centered around a screen.  Do they worry about this imbalance?  Is it bad for society as a whole?   It was also refreshing to hear a number of students state that they really wouldn’t be affected too much by the departure of smart phones and internet.  It’s all about balance.

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